Discover the healthy food and drinks that could soothe your Astrology sign's personality! Choose your sign:

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Pisces (Feb 19-Mar 20)

  Aries Arguments with friends and family could ruin your day. So take yourself out for a treat at the local coffee shop. A loose, friendly environment where you can relax could be more conductive to productivity and could help you avoid that "day-marring" argument. A cup of Jasmine tea and a Danish pastry will also lighten your mood. Taurus Try to spend your time today buying your groceries more efficiently. Use that money next week to attempt to buy more practical things to cook rather than master-chef level quiches and souffles. Make sure to buy in large quantities; doing so will save you time and money that'll give you meals for the next few days. Gemini Follow your instinct today. Your intuition will help guide you through a tough day filled with problems and mishaps. Co-workers and fellow students may offer you advice, but feel free to ignore it and continue with your natural impulse. At lunch, eat whatever you like, but partake in a meal that is led by your own "gut feeling". Cancer Try to keep your mind running today, because you never know, you just might receive an unexpected surprise! Be sure to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, brain foods like nuts and grains and you'll be sure to have a great day. However, leaning towards eating the salty and sugary snacks can assure that today will be very bad indeed. Leo Your brainstorms and ideas will be like typhoons today, and in doing so, you'll be the office or class hero. But, don't get too relaxed; your plans could get ruined unless you keep your mind rolling. Of course, you can do that after lunch. Think about your next move over a ham sandwich and a cup of coffee. Virgo Expect to have the energy you need to get through the day today! But soon, those stores will be completely drained up by the time you get home. Try to take it as easy as possible; unwind and make yourself something simple for dinner, like a microwaveable chicken pot pie because tomorrow, you'll have an even busier time! Libra You'll be glad that you're outgoing today when you meet someone new and very exciting. Feel free to invite this person to dinner, and you'll know that you are definitely on to something when you both order the cream of mushroom soup and the oysters. Scorpio Make sure you remember everything to do before you leave home this morning! You may be forgetful due to the lack of breakfast you will have, but as long as you stay awake; your day will pass by in no time. If you are drowsy, eat an energy bar as a snack or take a gulp of an energy drink if you have time. For lunch, awake yourself and indulge in some spicy chili and ham on rye. That will keep you going for the rest of the day. Sagittarius Today, taking a risk may not turn out in the direction you would hope for. Instead, take it on the "down-low" and just follow the status quo that makes you comfortable. Avoid your friends' offers to take you out for lunch; they might not end up as well as you thinkā€¦ You would be just as happy eating a bowl of chicken noodle soup, turkey on rye, and a croissant for dessert! Capricorn A fight with an old friend or family member may have you feeling down today. That's not a good situation to be in, so do what you can to cheer yourself up. Relax and treat yourself; watching a thriller or comedy can help you forget the bad memory. Eating some popcorn and a hot dog will complete your comfort session. Aquarius Beware of a crush that may invite you to dinner today. So tonight, make sure you prepare a romantic, preferably, home-cooked meal. If your cooking skills aren't that great, take your date out to a fancy food joint either having lobsters or salmon. Pisces You'll have eggs in the morning today (sunny-side up), but that may not be enough to last you until lunch. You'll get hungry fast, but today, take a risk; feel free to eat anything you like! A granola bar and a yogurt might be filling, but don't feel worried to sneak a chocolate bar in there!